Men in Mental Health #2: A journey before and into therapy

Coming to terms that I needed help was puzzling to say the least. For a long time, I believed that being mentally ill would mean that I was abnormal.

Men in Mental Health #1: I was unaware of how to express my emotions and it made me depressed.

For the larger part of my life, it felt normal to not be expressive. Since I was a child, I expressed my emotions so rarely that even as I entered adulthood, it still felt embarrassing. It felt weird to put myself out there and I was content about not wanting to talk about myself. Eventually, I grew to become really passive in social situations.

Calming the Emotional Tsunami

What do you do when you encounter the destructive force of Emotional Tsunami when you work with a couple in therapy?

Complex Trauma – A Case Study

The Straits Times recently reported a spike in the number of child abuse cases, both physical and sexual, in 2018.

Depression. Part 1. What is depression?

This is the first of Caper Spring’s three-part series on depression. Depression is considered the “common cold” of mental illness.

Stabilising a Marriage After an Affair

What cause Extra-Marital Affairs (EMA)? How does it begin? Can a marriage survive after an affair? Will it ever be the same again?

Interview with Dr Sandra Paivio

Join our principal psychologist, Neo Eng Chuan, in an interview with Dr Sandra Paivio, who is an expert in working with complex trauma.

Helping Couples in Distress

When you encounter couples in distressed relationship, what do you do? Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFCT) is an empirically validated model to help couple in distressed relationship.

Anger Management

What kind of useful information can anger tell us? How can we help someone with anger management issues? Join our principal psychologist, Neo Eng Chuan, in an insightful conversation with Joel Chua on 93.8FM Journeys Within to shed light on anger, its role and how Emotion-Focused Therapy views anger and helps someone with anger management issues.

Complex Trauma and The Healing Journey

Join our principal psychologist, Neo Eng Chuan, in a radio interview with Joel Chua on 93.8FM Live Journeys Within to understand more about Complex Trauma, its causes, effects, and effective interventions.


What is Complex Trauma?

Trauma refers to the psychological distress that follows a very stressful event in which a person directly or indirectly experiences threat to her/his safety.

Fear of Eating

Anorexia nervosa is defined as the never-ending chase for thinness by self-induced starvation despite progressive damage to almost every organ in the body which could result in death.

Emotion-Focused Therapy – Theory of Anxiety Difficulties

Emotion-Focused Therapy conceptualises anxiety difficulties first in terms of anxiety splits, internal conflicts in which the person makes themselves anxious.


What are the functions of emotion? Emotions help us survive by providing an efficient, automatic way of responding rapidly to a situation.

Anxiety in Singapore Students

A 2017 study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), suggests that Singapore students experience high levels of anxiety and this is exacting a heavy emotional price on them.