Covid-19 heroes: Mental health advocates bridge support gaps online

Covid-19 heroes: Mental health advocates bridge support gaps online

With all the upheaval and uncertainty wrought by Covid-19, maintaining good mental health has become just as important as staying physically healthy. This National Day, The Sunday Times talks to Singaporeans who are helping to lift spirits and build resilience in the community

AUGUST 9, 2020

The toll of Covid-19 goes beyond rising case numbers and deaths. Over the past few months, psychological effects such as social isolation, anxiety, boredom and stress have emerged as people have had to adapt rapidly to the changing circumstances. Here and abroad, the number of calls to mental health hotlines have spiked.

Mr Neo Eng Chuan, founder and principal psychologist of counselling and psychological private practice CaperSpring, adds that being confined at home can put a strain on distressed romantic or familial relationships as tension is compounded over time. People also have fewer options to help them cope, such as going to work, meeting friends or exercising, he says.

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