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What is Employee Assistance Programme?

EAPs are corporate-funded programmes designed to support employees in coping with personal or family difficulties that are psychological, emotional and relational in nature. EAPs typically provide screening, assessments, interventions, and referrals to other services (e.g. psychiatrist or other medical professionals). While EAP takes the form of counselling and psychotherapy, it also emphasizes employee work performance.


Why Are EAPs Needed?

Many factors can sabotage an employee’s work performance. Factors may include personal and family relationship problems, depression and other psychological conditions, as well as substance abuse. These personal issues can negatively impact an employer’s bottom line.


What Do EAPs Do?

Our psychologist or counsellors are able to provide confidential support services. Most employees who use EAP services do so through self- referrals. However, some are referrals from others in the organization, such as their supervisor, human resources staff, and co-workers. Depending on how the programme is designed, use of the EAP by spouses and by other family members of employees is encouraged.