Our Name

Our Name


Caper, also known as Flinders’ rose, is a Mediterranean plant that blooms beautiful purplish-white flowers. Its buds, the capers, are widely acknowledged to contain many phytonutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins essential for optimum health.

‘…the grasshopper loses its spring, and the caper berry has no effect’ –(Ecclesiastes 12:5)

The above quote taken from the Bible eludes clearly to the life-giving effects the caper has in restoring life. As the caper have also been referred to as ‘desire’ or ‘emotion’ in some other biblical translations, capers are hence a powerful metaphor on how the ability to harness your emotion in daily life is vital to living fully and meaningfully.


Spring, as water that flows naturally out from the ground, is essential for life. Furthermore, a flowing spring carries along with it a subtle energy that is ever changing, much like the emotions one faces while living out one’s life. It thus follows that if an individual can cope with the various emotions that surface in the course of a lifetime, the individual can emerge from each transition recharged and renewed.


This strong belief of harnessing our emotions for optimal emotional and mental well-being is therefore encapsulated in our name
– CaperSpring.

Who are we then? We are an organisation that prides ourselves in our namesake and as such, seeks to journey along with our clients to live life more meaningfully through the different seasons of their lives.

If our name and hence our belief resonate with you, let’s talk.