EFT for Generalised Anxiety


Anxiety is a persistent fear or worry. It come from Latin verb “angere”, meaning “to cause torment or distress by choking or squeezing”, indicating how important bodily experiences of constriction or tightening, are in the phenomenology of anxiety. On the other hand, at manageable, mild to moderate levels, anxiety can also be useful, because it helps us be on the alert for possible dangers and prepares us for taking effective action.

Emotion-Focused Therapy

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) proposes that emotions have an adaptive potential that, if activated, can help clients change. This view of emotion is based on the belief that emotion, at its core, is an innate and adaptive system that has evolved to help us survive and thrive.

Clients are helped in therapy to better identify, experience, explore, make sense of, transform and flexibly manage their emotions. As a result, clients become more skilful in accessing the important information and meanings about themselves and their world that emotions contain, as well as become more skilful in using that information to live vitally and adaptively.

Workshop Content

This workshop is for those who do not have prior knowledge of EFT. It presents a treatment for generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) by uncovering the deeper, underlying emotional experiences that clients are afraid of.

The workshop will illustrate how painful emotion can be transformed into a form of emotional resilience by generating in-therapy experiences of; self-compassion and protective anger.

The workshop begin with an overview of GAD and EFT. It will cover topics such as case conceptualisation; the importance of the therapeutic relationship; working with emotional avoidance and emotional dis-regulation. The workshop will consist of lectures supported by case examples and video demonstrations as well as some experiential


Ladislav Timulak, PhD is Associate Professor at Trinity College
Dublin. He is the Course Director of the Doctorate in Counselling
Psychology programme. Ladislav is both an academic and
practitioner. His main research interest is psychotherapy research,
particularly the development of emotion-focused therapy. He is
currently developing an approach for generalised anxiety disorder.
He has written five books, and over 50 peer reviewed papers in both
his native language, Slovak, and in English. His most recent books
include Research in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Sage, 2008), Developing Your Counselling and Psychotherapy Skills and Practice (Sage, 2011), Transforming Emotional Pain in Psychotherapy (Routledge, 2015) and Transforming Generalized Anxiety: An Emotion-Focused Approach (Routledge, 2017). He serves on various editorial
boards and provides expert reviews of academic papers and research grants internationally.

When & Where

  • 8 & 9 June 2018 [Friday & Saturday]
  • 9 am to 5 pm
  • Venue: To be Determined


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  • $800 – Normal Fee [from 8 May]
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