Emotion-Focused Therapy Supervision Conference by Prof. Robert Elliott


Becoming proficient in EFT is a process, and supervision is an important part of it. This is a rare opportunity to have Prof. Robert Elliott provide supervision in-person. It is done in a small group setting to facilitate safety and optimise learning.

Conference Participation

There are two ways you could be part of this supervision conference; either as a presenter or an observer.


There are up to FIVE participants who will be given an hour each to present a case. This one-hour counts towards fulfilling part of the certification requirements.


If you chose to be an observer you do not have to present. There would be valuable learning by reviewing the work of others and hear the comments and suggestions from the supervisor.

When & Where?

• Date: 28 Nov 2018 [Wednesday]
• 9 am to 5:00 pm
• NTU@One North

Presentation Format

• Each presenter is allocated one-hour.
• You must prepare a video (with good sound quality) of you working
with a client using EFT (but not necessary chair work).
• A suggestion is to select two to three segments of the video of 10 minutes each. The basis could either be that the EFT tasks were well executed or the opposite. It could also be a client whom you have been working with and have gotten “stuck” at a particular point.


• There will only be up to 20 observers only.
• While you do not present your learning is by observing the others’ presentations and benefit from the guidance provided.
• There will be a small amount of “air-time” for you to raise questions.


• $250 – Presenter
• $300 – Observer
• includes two tea breaks and one lunch


Register here


• Completed EFT Module 1, 2 and 3
• Please contact Caper Spring if you do not meet the requirement.


The one-hour supervision would count towards fulfilling part of the certification requirements [for Presenters only]


• Mobile : 8141-8002